1. Comparative Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective activity studies on Smilax Zeylanica (L) and Hemidesmus Indicus var Pubescens
  2. Evaluation of some traditional plants for Antioxidant and Hepatoprotective activity
  3. Effect of selective antioxidants on Phenytoin induced systemic toxicity and oxidative stress
  4. Influence of selective antioxidants on the Carbamazepine induced adverse effects and oxdative stress
  5. Sustained release microsphere delivery system of certain NSAID’S.
  6. Development of newer analytical methods for some newer pharmaceytical drugs by Spetrophotometric and Chromatographic studies
  7. Investigation of Instrumental mehods for the estimation of some new hetrocyclic drugs.
  8. A multiple unit floating contreolled drug delivery system of anti ulcer drugs
  1. Characterization of Calcium pectinate beads of losartan as a floating pulsatile drug delivery device
  2. Formulation & Evaluation of liquid-solid compacts of ketoprofen
  3. Gellified emulsion of Glucosamine sulphate for transdermal drug delivery
  4. Development of Extended release tablets of Metformin hydrochloride using olibanum gun
  5. Design & Optimization of Vaginal tablets of Acyclovir
  6. Formulation & Evaluation of Buoyant tablets of Ketoconozole
  7. Design & Evaluation of sustained release Propranolol hydrochloride suppository
  8. Synthosis & Evaluation of modified starch matrix for controlled drug release
  9. solation,Characterization and formulation properties of mucilage obtained from seeds of plantago ovata
  10. Formulation and Evaluation of asymmetric membrane capsules for oral osmotic controlled delivery of Metformin HCl .
  11. Development of sustained release tablets of Metformin hydrochloride using a natural pollysacchoride
  12. Solubility and Dissolution Enhancement of poorly water soluble drug by liqui-solid technique .
  13. Formulation and Evaluation of effervescent gastroretentive drug delivery system of lansoprazole
  14. Design and Characterization of bioadhesive insitu gelling ocular inserts
  15. Development & Evaluation of sustained release buccal tablets of atenolol
  16. Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Microspheres of Ketoprofen as Gastroretentive dosage form
  17. Design and Optimization of floating microspheres of an Anti ulcer drug
  18. Pharmacognostical, phytochemical and Antidiabetic activity studies on the stem of Euphorbia antiquorum Linn
  19. Design, Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Bis - B lactams as potent bio active agents
  20. Synthesis and Biological evaluation of some novel hetrocyclic derivatives of paracetamol as potential analgesic and antipyretic agents
  21. Systhesis,Pharmacological evaluation and biological activity of some novel thiadiazole derivatives
  22. Design,Systhesis and Biological activity of Novel Pyrazolidine dione containing Indolizine moeity


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